You Rock, Mom

I made you this page for Mother’s Day just to say, “You rock.

When we first met, I was a loud, stinky bean that could somehow stay awake at any hour of the night. Despite all that, you didn’t put me in a basket and float me down the river! (Unlike SOME moms that we know of)

But seriously, you are the best and I miss you all the time. I am always happy when we talk and spend time together.

Thank you for always cooking us dinners, taking us to all our activities, listening, and loving us. You still have the best advice and I wouldn’t know how to function as an adult without you to thank for teaching me so much.

You are the best mom that anyone could ask for!

And what better way to celebrate a legendary mom than with legendary tracks to listen to while you do mom stuff? So, I made you a playlist of some good rock tunes. Most of them are childhood favorites, in case they didn’t annoy you enough then 😉 .

Playlist (Spotify)

I love you mom!