ESX – Quality Conversations

Script/Editing/Compositing by Me

The goal for this promotional video was to position the trade show as a more focused experience where industry professionals could connect.

To create with minimal budget, I reused existing assets and supplemented them with free stock footage/audio.



Clanton Advertiser

During my time at the paper, I wrote more than 300 published articles. Check out my author page here, or skip the search and browse some of the ones I like best:

CPD Begins Training with New Drone
Jemison Seeing ‘Historic’ Boom in Business
Census Data Reveals Slow Growth for Chilton County
Jemison Schools Leading County in STEM, Test Scores

I also like to mention that I shot a few covers for the monthly magazine and won “Best News Photo – Second Place” in the Alabama Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest.


Direct Marketing


For work and during my free time, I’ve written a variety of emails to lists totaling more than 20,000 subscribers. I have also created longer copy for print mailers and promotional magazines, addressing every point of the customer journey.

My work has included editorial, promotional, conversational, and professional voices. I’ve consistently improved open rates and click rates on emails by way of A/B tests, research, and implementation of best practices.

“…he has served his apprenticeship in direct response. That experience will keep his feet on the ground for the rest of his life.” -David Ogilvy


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